In 2001 our sister company, LaundriTek Inc. began manufacturing multiple lines of cleaning chemicals to include, Laundry, Food Service, Janitorial and Industrial Maintenance Products. Since then, we have grown into a multifaceted company that not only manufactures chemical solutions but also provides commercial laundry equipment to Major League Baseball, Hotels, Healthcare and Fire Departments across the nation. In 2013 Laundritek Inc. kept it’s identity as a laundry equipment supplier and spawned off it’s chemical division to form WATERMark SOLUTIONS. If you’re looking for stand-out products that perform the first time and every time thereafter, you’ve come to the right place. We simply make products that outperform our competition. We have NO intention on being a “me too” manufacturer. We specialize in innovation, creation, and the WOW factor. Manufacture direct pricing, high quality, and excellent performance is only a hand shake away.


To consistently provide excellent quality cleaning products and world class support. WATERMark is committed to keeping minimal layers between manufacturing and the end user, allowing it to adjust quickly to specific customer needs. We see our customers as team members and pursue a model of problem solving and education to create a win-win environment.

Mark and shannon simmons

Founder of watermark solutions and laundritek.

The watermark solutions Team

Lori butler

accounting and collections

mark simmons

ceo and founder

barry pribyl

operations manager